Frequently Asked Questions

Who can volunteer?

Anyone over the age of 16 who is not in one of the vulnerable groups can volunteer. When you sign up we’ll ask if you have any relevant skills/experience and if you have a criminal records bureau check. Don’t be put off if you’re still a student, your day job is something totally unrelated from healthcare or you’ve been away from the NHS for a while. There could still be things you could help with!

What kind of roles might I be offered?

We leave it to the coordinators from your local NHS/Health and Social Care department to contact you with roles that they might require. We know that many hospitals are looking for support in clinical settings (e.g. as Healthcare Assistants (students might be able to do this)), but also non-clinical settings including in laboratories and offices. Roles include administration, communication, organisation and logistics.

When will I be contacted?

By signing up here, we’ll share your details with the NHS and the Health and Social Care local coordinators. Unfortunately, during this unusual time these coordinators are going to be extremely busy and pressured so we can’t guarantee you’ll be contacted, or tell you when.

I’m showing symptoms of COVID-19, can I still be involved?

All the government’s advice still applies, so if you’re showing symptoms of COVID-19 or someone in your household is, please don’t apply until after your self-isolation period. If you apply to be a volunteer, but when you’re contacted by the NHS you are then in quarantine or self-isolating then please let the coordinator know and do not take part.

I’m not a healthcare student and have never worked in healthcare – can I still volunteer?

The short answer is YES!! This crisis needs the help of more than just doctors and nurses! We can all pull together and relieve some of the pressure on healthcare workers without treating patients! 

Where is your privacy policy?

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